Pelita Harapan Business Challenge 2016

Pelita Harapan Business Challenge (PHBC) 2016 is a business competition, which is addressing the vital issue of “Borderless Opportunities: Building Up an Integrated Business Expansion” this year. It aims to challenge undergraduate students (S1/D3) in Indonesia to come up with the best solution of how businesses can increase their performance by capturing opportunities. Thus in process, participants will be required to think creatively to win the challenge. There will be three stages in this competition: preliminary case challenge, Business Race, and final case challenge.

  1. Free Accommodation during PHBC
  2. Three night stay
  3. Three meals a day
  4. Transportation from chosen meeting point, from and to UPH
  5. Voucher with value of  500.000 IDR
  6. Free entry to Business Talk Show
  7. Free entry to Management Night
  • 1st Place 10.000.000 IDR
  • 2nd Place 7.000.000 IDR
  • 3rd Place 5.000.000 IDR
  • Most Valuable Player* 1.000.000 IDR
    *MVP is awarded based on an individual’s overall performance all the way during PHBC. Best Team 1.500.000 IDR Consolation
    * 3.500.000 IDR
    *7 @ 500.000 IDR (Voucher)
GRAND TOTAL 28.000.000 IDR

For more info and registration, please visit

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