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Nutrition Expo 6 proudly presents:
🍎1st ISON (International Seminar on Nutrition)🍎 with main theme “Nutrition as Central Aspect in Development: Accomplishment of Highly Competitive Human Resources” please submit your abstract now!
Abstract Topics:
📋Stunting, Growth and Development, and Child’s Cognitive Ability
📋Exclusive Breastfeeding: Achievements, Detentions, and Obstacles
📋Utilization of Functional and Nutraceutical Foods In Prevention and Treatment of Non-Communicable Disease Based On Local Food
📋Potency of Public-Private Partnership in Overcoming Nutrition Problems
📋Supportive and Preventive Factors in Non Communicable Diseases Occurrence
📋Lessons Learned: Implementation of Scaling Up Nutrition Movement (SUN Movement) Program
📋Development of Nutrigenetic and Nutrigenomic in Non Communicable Diseases Management
📋Innovation of Nutrition-Message Socialization to Community

📅Mark your calendar!
Abstract submission deadline is 1st of September 2016 and abstract acceptance notification is 1st of October 2016

For further information, visit us at http://gizi.fkm.ui.ac.id/ or email: info_gizi@gizi.fkm.ui.ac.id Contact Person
+62 81 311 492 777 (Sharaztasya Putri)

-Nutrition Expo 6-

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