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Lomba Marketing Debate Competition 2017 | Univ. Indonesia | Mahasiswa | Deadline 15 Oktober 2017 - Halo kawan semua pada kesempatan ini admin kembali membagikan informasi menarik seputar lomba disekitaran kita lho dimana kali ini adalah giliran dari Universitas Indonesia yang menyelenggarakan lomba marketing debate competition dalam event 11th indonesia marketing competition (IMOTION). Adapun peserta yang bisa ikut dalam perlombaan ini adalah mahasiswa yang masih aktif ya, nah untuk syarat dan ketentuannya dapat dilihat berikut ini.

Lomba Marketing Debate Competition 2017

-  Participants will compete in teams, with each team consist of 3 active students (S1 program) from the same university/institution, but do not have to be from the same major.
- Composite team and substitute debater are not allowed.
- Team quota for this tournament is 24 teams.
- Each university/institution can only send 4 teams. The first 3 teams will be immediately put on the main list, while the 4th team will be put on the waiting list. If until the registration closed there are available spots left, teams on the waiting list will be moved to the main list.
- All event must be followed by participants. Any excuse to leave the event will effect the score of the team (score deduction).
- Participants are not allowed to excuse themselves during the debate. It is cumpulsory to always stand by. If so otherwise will effect the scoring of the team (score deduction).
- Before every round, participants will be given time to do casebuilding. Casebuilding time will be 30 minutes for preliminary rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals, 3rd place match and grand final.
- Participants are not allowed to use electronic device during casebuilding and the debate whatsoever. - The time will be counted by the commitee and shown by the projector. Any violation (cheating) of this rule can cause in a disqualfication.
- Participants are allowed to use printed or written materials during casebuilding, such as books, journals, or newspapers.

1. The 11th Imotion’s Marketing Debate will use Asian Parliamentary format, with three speakers a side and only two teams in each debate.
2. There will be 2 opposing sides in each debate: Affirmative and Negative.
3. All debates will be conducted in English.
4. Each speaker is allocated 7 minutes and 20 seconds to deliver their constructive speeches.
5. After 1 minute of speech, the timekeeper will knock/clap/ring a bell once to inform that POI can be offered.
6. After 6 minute of speech, the timekeeper will knock/clap/ring a bell once to inform that POI cannot be offered anymore.
7. After 7 minute of speech, the timekeeper will  knock/clap/ring a bell twice.
8. After 7 minute and 20 seconds of speech, the timekeeper will knock/clap/ring a bell continously to indicates that the speaking time is over.
8. One speaker from each side (First/Second Speaker) is given 4 minutes and 20 seconds to deliver a reply speech.The reply speeches should convey to the adjudicators why the particular side deserves to win the debate and provide a biased adjudication in favour of that side. They must not have any new matter.
9. After 3 minute of speech, the timekeeper will  knock/clap/ring a bell once.
10. After 4 minute of speech, the timekeeper will  knock/clap/ring a bell twice.
11. After 4 minute and 20 seconds of speech, the timekeeper will knock/clap/ring a bell continously to indicates that the speaking time is over.

The speakers will be speaking in the following order:
- Prime Minister (First Speaker of Affirmative
- Leader of Opposition (First Speaker of Negative)
- Deputy Prime Minister (Second Speaker of Affirmative)
- Deputy Leader of Opposition (Second Speaker of Negative)
- Government Whip (Third Speaker of Affirmative)
- Opposition Whip (Third Speaker of Negative)
- Opposition Reply
- Government Reply
- During the constructive speeches, Point of Information (POI) may be raised by the opposing side after the first minute up to the sixth minute. POI may be refused or accepted by the speaker. During reply speeches, no POI may be raised.
- The whole tournament will consists of 3 preliminary rounds and 3 elimination rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals, 3rd place match/Grand Finals)
- In the preliminary rounds, all teams will start on an equal placing with the pairing for the first round being done randomly by lottery. For the subsequent rounds, the teams will be graded on the basis of the results of all the preceding rounds of the phase. The following grading criteria will be considered in decreasing order of priority.

  • Victory Points (Win-Loss Record; 1 point for a win 0 for a loss).
  • Cumulative Total Team Score.
  • Cumulative Margin (Difference of cumulative marks in favor of and against the team)

- To determine the matchups, the preliminary rounds will adopt “break and slide” system, which will gather the teams that have the same VPs to face each other.
- The elimination rounds will adopt “power matching” system. The highest rank will meets the lowest one, based on the result of all the preliminary rounds. The winner of each rounds will immediately proceeds to the next round.
- There will be 3 roundes of prepared motion (it could be given at any rounde). The prepared motions will be released three weeks before the day of the tournament.
- All debates in the preliminary rounds and quarter final rounds will be judged by accredited debate adjudicators. For semifinals, grand final and 3rd place match, the debate will be judged by accredited debate adjudicators and marketing practitioners.
- The debates will be assessed by the adjudicator in the following criteria:
- Matter (40)- substance of the debate, the arguments and evidence presented, and the logical reasoning and presentation of said arguments.
- Manner (40)- the style of delivery, the persuasion skills, and the conduct of the debaters.
- Method (20)- the response to the dynamics of the debate, and the observance of the rules of debate

- 1st Winner: Rp 10.000.000
- 2nd Winner: Rp 6.000.000
- 3rd Winner: Rp 4.000.000
- Best Speaker: Rp 750.000

How to register
1. Melakukan konfirmasi terlebih dahulu ke contact person Nadine  (081327460521) atau Ines 081213427753.
2. Pendaftaran dibuka pada tanggal 10 Juni 2017 dan ditutup pada tanggal 15 Oktober 2017.
3. Peserta wajib mengunduh dan melengkapi formulir registrasi dan melakukan konfirmasi pembayaran.
4. Peserta wajib membayar registration fee sebesar Rp650,000/tim. Tidak ada sistem refund bagi tim yang telah membayar kemudian mengundurkan diri. Pembayaran dapat dilakukan melalui transfer ke rekening di bawah ini:
- Mandiri 1010086000047 a/n Ivanka Griselda
- Formulir registrasi dan konfirmasi dikirimkan kembali ke e-mail: imotion.pr@gmail.com
dengan subject e-mail: MarketingDebateRegistration_[TEAM’S NAME]_[UNIVERSITY]
contoh: MarketingDebateRegistration_Imoman_Universitas Indonesia

5. Tim resmi terdaftar sebagai peserta Marketing Debate Competition apabila telah melengkapi segala ketentuan registrasi dan melakukan konfirmasi pembayaran
6. Peserta yang telah terdaftar wajib mengikuti Technical Meeting yang akan diadakan pada:
- Hari / tanggal: Senin, 6 November 2017
- Tempat: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis
- Universitas Indonesia (Depok)
- Waktu : To be announced
7. Perubahan tempat dan waktu akan dikonfirmasikan lebih lanjut

Contact Person
- Official Line : @imotionfebui
- Ines : 081213425733 (line : yessines)
- Nadine : 081327460521 (line : nadinewidyaputri)
- Website : tiny.cc/imotion

Nah tunggu apalagi langsung saja persiapkan diri kalian untuk ikut serta dengan perlombaan yang diselenggarakan oleh Univ. Indonesia diatas.

Sebelum itu terima kasih kepada Marketing Imotion yang sudah mengirimkan informasi lomba diatas kepada kami.

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