Lomba Debat English Competition Sampoerna University 2018

Lomba English Competition Sampoerna University 2018

Lomba Debat English Competition Sampoerna University 2018 | SMP - SMA Sederajat | Deadline 23 April 2018 | Lomba.co - pada kesempatan kali ini datang informasi dari universitas sampoerna nih kawan terkait lomba yang diselenggarakan yaitu lomba debat english competition, yuk ikuti lombanya karena lomba ini terbuka untuk pelajar smp hingga sma sederajat. Tunjukan kemampuan kalian dalam melakukan debat dalam berbahasa inggris. Informasi selengkapnya bisa dilihat dibawah ini.

Critical thinking skills are needed by students who want to gain success as future leaders. Having sound critical thinking skills will enable students to learn and practice problem solving by making questions, assumptions, and perspective. This can be achieved if the students are exposed with various activities that will enhance their critical thinking skills.

Sampoerna University English Competition (SUEC) is one of the activities that will help students in practicing their critical thinking skills through three types of competition: Debate, Speech, and Newscasting. Hosted by the Learning Resource Center (LRC), SUEC tries to cater the need to develop Indonesian youths’ English and critical thinking skills.

For three years we have held the Sampoerna University Debate Championship by applying the British Parliamentary System.

In the year 2014, LRC managed to invite 16 high schools from all over Indonesia, namely from Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Sumatera Selatan. In the 2016 SUDC, ILC managed to host a championship for 12 junior and senior high schools with a total of 20 teams. In 2017, we managed to upscale the championship with a total 20 institutions from Jakarta, Tangerang, Sidoarjo, Medan, Pontianak, Bogor, and Bali.

This year LRC, with the help of Sampoerna University English Club, wants to repeat the success of the previous championships by holding its first Sampoerna University English Competition which will involve even bigger participants in Indonesia.

By joining Debate competition, participants will be able to develop not only their confidence in delivering their opinions but also their critical thinking and analytical skills. Participants will enhance their skills in developing arguments in a logical manner by providing samples and justifications.

The debate competition will apply the British Parliamentary system in which four teams will deliver their arguments based on the motion assigned. Prepared and impromptu motions will be applied in the debate rounds and will cover various issues in the field of culture, social, politics, environment, and law. A total of 32 teams from various institutions in Indonesia will compete in preliminary rounds before they compete in the elimination rounds.

Champion                 IDR 2.000.000
1st Runner Up          IDR 1.500.000
2nd Runner Up        IDR 1.000.000
Best Speaker            IDR    500.000

Registration Procedures
1. Fill in the online registration form.
2. Wait for the registration confirmation from our registration committee, in which we wil provide payment information.
3. Pay the registration fee to the bank account which is informed by our registration committee.
Registration Fee:
Debate - IDR 375.000/team
4. Scan the transfer receipt or transfer evidence and send it to info.suec@sampoernauniversity.ac.id or our registration contact persons (detail below).
5. After the payment phase, SUEC registration team will send a registration link and you can register the participants from your institution.
6. Our committee will send notification and other information related with the championship to each institution PIC's email.
7. Registration will be closed on 23 April 2018

  • For debate, to secure a place in the Main List, payment evidence need to be sent to the committee in 2 (two) days after the online registration to: info.suec@sampoernauniversity.ac.id or by contacting our registration officer.
  • Any payment cannot be reimbursed if a team or a participant resign from the competition.
  • Please make sure you keep the original transfer evidence that need to be submitted in the technical meeting.

Further inquiries please contact (text, WA or email):

Yuni - 0858 4732 7945 (antariyuni37@gmail.com)
Widya - 0858 4784 6987 (widyantidarmika@gmail.com)

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