Lomba Call For Delegates, Paper & Essay Competition UI 2018

Informasi Lengkap Lomba Call For Delegates, Paper & Essay Competition UI 2018 Deadline 19 Agustus - Pada kesempatan kali ini admin sempatkan di sela-sela kesibukan kerja untuk mengupdate lomba yang tentunya masih fresh untuk dapat kalian ikuti. Kali ini admin dapat info lomba terbaru dari universitas indonesia, FEB UI membuka pendaftaran buat kalian-kalian semua yang ingin mengikuti lomba ini bisa membaca kelengkapan terlebih dahulu ya karena dalam event ini terdapat 3 lomba didalamnya. Jadi sebaiknya kalian simak satu persatu ya lombanya apabila tertarik dengan ketiga lomba ini. Informasinya dapat dilihat dibawah ya kawan-kawan lomba semuanya.

The 16th Economix, an annual international event held by Kanopi FEB UI is now looking for Competition Paper, MUN delegates and Essay!

The Grand theme for this year is ‘The Future of Work : A Looming Phenomenon’. You are given an opportunity to write an interesting Essay outlining your brilliant ideas related to the grand theme. In accordance to the global theme of The 16th Economix, we’re bringing up three subthemes for Paper Competition and chose ‘The Fifth Industrial Revolution: An Outlook on the Future of Human Welfare’ as the theme for Economix MUN.

Lomba Call For Delegates, Paper & Essay Competition UI 2018

Economix : Global Economic Challenges is an annual international event held by KANOPI FEB UI, a student organization run by undergraduate economics students at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia.

Our event aims to be the medium for participants of diverse background and disciplines to share, discuss, and potentially find solutions to current global economic issues. Participants from countries all over the globe can take part in our three main events: International Seminar, Competition, and Economix – MUN while enjoying an extravagant International Gathering. Aside from the main events, participants can join our Essay competition.

From now on you can easily click www.economix-febui.com to register!
or by filling in this form :
* Economix MUN
No later than  September 30th, 2018

* Paper Competition
No later than August 19th, 2018

* Essay Competition
No later than August 5th, 2018
Don’t miss your chance to win the Total Prize of US$3250 and experience cultural exchange like never before. We are looking forward to see you at The 16th Economix this November!
For further information,
ask us through our
Official LINE account at @ymk5950v and follow our social medias:
Twitter: economixfebui
Facebook: febui.economix
Instagram: @economixfebui

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