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The Singapore Changi Airport is one of the best airports in the world with plenty of world-class facilities. Get the best prices on flights out of Singapore Changi Airport when you employ a mix of Skyscanner features like searching for the cheapest month of travel. If you do not already know where you want to go but you simply want to leave the country by paying the lowest possible price, simply enter “everywhere” as your destination and select “whole month” and then “cheapest month” option.

What options are available?

The Singapore Changi Airport is the only commercial airport in Singapore with a vast number of short-haul to long-haul flights. The airport is located approximately 20km away from the city and it is easily accessible via a range of transportation option which includes a public taxi, train or bus. There are currently four terminals in this airport, with T4 having been inaugurated in October 2017.

The national carrier of Singapore, Singapore Airlines, operate frequent flights out of Singapore which connects the city to various international destinations in Europe, America, Africa, Asia as well as the surrounding south-east Asia region. Travellers will also be able to take advantage of lower fares from low-cost carriers like Scoot, Jetstar and AirAsia to travel to nearby cities at a much lower cost.

Where are the popular places to go?

Singapore is an excellent place to begin any adventure and if you are keen on exploring beautiful beach destinations, flying to Bali will only take you about 2 hours, making it a perfect beach getaway for the weekend to work on your tan or simply indulge in some delicious Balinese food. If you are looking to go someplace a little further, there are daily flights to Tokyo and Seoul in approximately 7 hours - how do you say no to endless shopping and glorious food? Should you be interested in spending more time abroad, you can travel down to the United States and various European cities from Singapore - nothing beats a trip down to New York to create all the travel envy you are going to get from your friends and family.

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